From the Desk of  the
Fire Chief
"I have no ambition in this world but one, and
that is to be a fireman..."
 Those are the words of
Edward F. Croker, former Chief of the New York
Fire Department.  He goes on to say
"We are the  
defenders from fire of the art which has
beautified the world, the product of the genius of
men and the means of the refinement of
mankind.  But above all, our proudest endeavor is
to save the lives of men- the work of God Himself."

Chief Croker had a way with words of which I was
not gifted.  He did, fluently highlight the
motivation behind my career in the fire service.  
Many look at the small size of Blountstown and
wonder why anyone would want to work in a sleepy
Florida Panhandle town.  I find no greater honor
than to serve the city that I grew up in, protecting
the lives and property of my family, friends and
fellow citizens.  I also am greatly honored to be
called Chief by many of the most experienced
firefighters in our area.   
Name:  Benjamin Hall
Family: Wife-Brooke
Daughters- Anna Jo & Madalyn
Education:  1995 Graduate of BHS
003 Graduate of Chipola
College Fire Academy, 2010
Graduate of Chipola College, AAS
Fire Science.

Certifications: FFII, Instructor I,
Firesafety Inspector I, Live Fire
Instructor II, Fire Officer I and
Investigator I
Prior Fire Service:Volunteer at Nettle
Ridge Volunteer Fire Department

1998-2002,Served as Chief           
from 2000-2002.  

Fun Fact about the Chief:
He's a maniac!  Quite literally!  He's
a Silver Level Marathon
Maniac/Double Agent, having
completed 6 full marathons in 6
months in 2014 & 2015
you can email Ben at