Blountstown Fire Department
Setback Requirements for Outdoor Burning
The City of Blountstown encourages compliance with the State of Florida's Outdoor
Burning Laws.  You may be asked to extinguish your outdoor fire if three or more
complaints are received about your fire, or one complaint is received that poses an
immedeate health risk due to smoke.  BFD reminds everyone to follow all setback
laws and to be sensible about open burning.  If you have any questions, feel free to
contact Blountstown Fire Department at 674-4988 or our local Division of Forestry
Field Office at 674-2446.
Required Setbacks for Yard Waste Burning:

25 feet from forests
50 feet from paved public roads
25 feet from your house
150 feet from other occupied buildings

It is illegal to burn household garbage including
paper products, treated lumber, plastics, rubber
materials, tires, pesticide, paint and aerosol
For More Information on Outdoor
Burning Laws and State
Regulations visit the Florida
Division of Forestry website.  (Just
click the logo above)